Getting mixed up whilst driving.

In Australia you must drive on the left hand side if the road. This becomes weird when you want to overtake a car or truck and also at traffic lights etc when you have to turn. T is easy to just drive on the wrong side of the road when you take a turn. Yes , I did this in Germany. My passengers freaked out !


Avoid being a victom of rape or burial in a remote location.

please be careful. If a situation looks iffy, act dumb but think smart and RUN. dont trust anyone you just meet, make sure you can check them out first (eg their facebook page) it is a common occurance that female backpackers are attacked in remote areas in Australia. When I was hitching once a guy tried it on me, I ran. Most men cant run as fast as a fit female backpacker.

Backpackers allegedly kidnapped, raped at isolated campsite

An Adelaide man is charged with allegedly raping, assaulting, kidnapping and attempting to murder two foreign backpackers at an isolated stretch of the…

Deadly Scams to Avoid !!

Never pay up front for anything !!!

Working hostels are prime scammers for ripping off backpackers. They lure you in by advertising / prommising jobs ! They want to get money from you so they will make you stay a long time, waiting and waiting and waiting for a job They dont actually have the jobs that they advertise, they are just to scam backpacker s into booking a bed.

another common scam is “send us some money and the job is yours, we will pick you up from ### train station and provide you with accommodation snd food“ . You will meet a number of other backpackers at the train station where you are supposed to be pucked up from. But noone will be picked up. It is a scam.

NEVER EVER PAY FOR ANYTHING UP FRONT == It will be a scam. !!!!